Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Saturday "Mrs. Greens Run"

The most productive thing I accomplished today was cleaning out my refrigerator of old veggies and fruits (and other biology-experiment-type items that once were considered food) and restocking it w/ all sorts of goodies for the week ahead. I made my Saturday run to Mrs. Greens -- my favorite natural foods store -- and stocked up on deep leafy greens, fruits and veggies (and stuff for juicing like carrots, celery, cucumber and apples). I also found some sprouted grain bread and wraps that will make terrific lunch sandwiches in the coming week. I used to shop for two weeks -- and ended up throwing out a lot of rotting foods; so now I'll go once a week.

The other productive thing I got done today was to have some blood work done at the suggestion of my endocrinologist -- so he can test the levels of all kinds of things -- including vitamin D, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. My doctor said he could recommend a natural (bio-identical compound) pharmacist if any of these things are out of wack -- who'd help me bring my hormonal levels into balance. I am thrilled by this because I've long suspected that my hormone levels are very MUCH "out of wack" and that if they are properly balanced out, my matabolism will function a whole lot more efficiently and productively. Which spells good news for the next 10 months of "training" for me. (Coast-to-Coast Walk here I come!) And speaking of 10 months of training . . . tomorrow I start my early morning walks -- I'm about to download some tunes onto my iPod right now so I have some motivation when I head out the door. Good tunes make for good walking!

All in all, I'm happy with what I accomplished today. It's a load off my mind to have a refrigerator full of healthy foods from which I can put together really good meals during the week. From green drinks and juices to yummy salads and snacks, a day does not go by that I am not very thankful to God for the blessing it is just to HAVE healthy food. It's as necessary as clean water and air, I think -- and now more than ever for me, as I'm keen on each day's "training" being the best it can be. The added cost of purchasing good food is worth it because of what I want to accomplish.

And now ... a little C2C travelling music to close: THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!

"One oar stroke isn't going to get me anywhere, but if you take a load of tiny actions and you string them all together, you really can achieve almost anything." -- Roz Savage, Ocean Rower

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