Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreaming of Swimming with Turtles!

I really have been!  Dreaming of swimming w/ turtles, that is.  In Hawaii.  Maybe it's because I've seen with heart ache the photos of the oil-drenched sea turtles sick and dying in the Gulf  (all while BP fails to rectify the worst ecological disaster in history).  Or maybe it's because I recall with wonder the day that I got to swim with a graceful sea turtle in Lanikai's cool, blue waters 7 years ago when I lived there!  He was nowhere near as neurotic looking as the fellow above -- but I like this photo nevertheless.  (Hey, it could be what the turtles are looking like as they run for their life AWAY from the black oooze in the Gulf.)  My swimming buddy 7 years ago was even more graceful than a seasoned Bolshoi dancer ... and what was best is that he (she?) let me stay in tune with its movements so that we were actually sort of "dancing" together.  It was one of those surreal moments when all is right with the world. 

Anyway ... I said all that because I intend to swim with some turtles again in Lanikai in just about 8 weeks ... as I look forward to my upcoming "paradise retreat."  Originally, I saw it as a solo retreat of sorts, but I've changed plans in that I've invited a buddy of mine from England to join me.  We'll be house-sitting for some good friends of mine who will be in Europe -- so we have the blessing of a home (and their car)!  Now I just need to come up w/ enough "play" money so we can do the things we'd like -- which includes hiring a kayaking guide to paddle out to the Mokulua Islands (my friend won't go with me alone -- she'd prefer someone a bit more "skilled" in case she capsizes and panics)!

Also, I'd like to see and do things I didn't get to when I lived there for six years.  Like finding hikes w/ waterfalls that I haven't been to yet, swimming with dolphins (maybe) -- not sure they like that; more research needed :-); snorkeling at Shark's Cove (ominous sounding, I know, but safe) ; maybe jumping off the giant rock at Waimea Bay. . . stuff like that.

There's a raw food place I want to check out too -- over in Hawaii Kai -- called "Licious Dishes".  It's near a Costco, so my buddy said to drop her off there whilst I check out the raw food place! 

Oh!  Since I've just begun to blog again and this is about "going successfully RAW" . . . perhaps I should post something on topic, eh?  Check out The Raw Bombshell.  I like her spirit!  Hope you do too.

Also, here's a great article by Karen Knowler that is a must-read for anyone wanting to discover the benefits of eating less SAD (standard American diet) and going raw instead:  The Seven Steps of Going Raw

More tomorrow ... for now, I'm off to re-arrange the furniture in my new place.
Ta-ta for now!

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